4 exam strategies you must know to score higher

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There are 4 exam review strategies you must know to score higher. In this video blog, Dr. Sutton outlines the 4 strategies for effectively reviewing practice exams. This method was developed by the MDI Prep company and it is called the CAST method.

C = Content

A = Application

S = Simple mistakes

T = Time

This CAST method has helped thousands of students score higher on their exams, while teaching them the foundation for effective studying and critical thinking. While all 4 of the methods discussed in this video can be done independently, it is advised to get help when you first begin. MDI Prep offers exam strategy tutorials and workshops that can benefit you.

According to an article on healthline, exam strategies are important, but what is equally important is how you nourish your brain. Although an overall healthy diet is most important for keeping your body and brain nourished and ready to take on difficult tasks, research shows that certain foods may be especially important for brain health and promoting mental performance.

So, before you begin reviewing for your next exam, remember the four (4) MDI Prep techniques – CAST

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