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Sample of our INBDE course

Before you sign up for any INBDE course, the first thing you should do is see a sample of the course. Click the icon to see a sample of how our course is taught.

Information for Foreign trained dentist

Are you a foreign trained dentist and wondering what steps you need to take in order to obtain your U.S. Dental License? Click the icon to find out how to begin your preparation and the documents you will need.

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Over 90% of the INBDE is composed of patient boxes. The best way to prepare for these boxes is to truly understand the content and be able to apply the information. Click the icon to see sample patient boxes.

Frequently asked questions

While the other INBDE courses that are on the market, such at bootcamp and mental dental have good material, we are one of the only courses to offer a live interactive course. Through our live online course, our students are able to interact with their dental instructors as well as their classmates. This method works extremely well for those who need more of a structured curriculum or someone who may be a foreign trained dentist and English is not their first language.

The INBDE classes are offered on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 7p-9p central standard time.

Level 2 (INBDE | MDI Prep will help you pass your exam) is a three month class that ends after 4 months. Level 3 is the guarantee pass agreement. With level 3 you will take a final exam at the end of the course. If you do well on the final, we will give you permission to take the actual INBDE exam. If you fail the real INBDE exam after we have said you are prepared for the exam, we will pay for 1/2 the cost for your exam retake. In addition you will have access to all resources for 3 additional months at no additional cost. Both level 2 and level 3 content material is covered in 4 months. Level 3 also includes CAAPID application preparation assistance.

Yes, you can pay your fee’s in three equal monthly installments. To begin the installment plan, email your full name and email address to: An MDI Prep coordinator will send you an agreement and invoice.

Yes, we have dentist from all over the world that join our online class. Please keep in mind that you will need to find out the time difference between the U.S. and your country. 

You will need to pass the get your transcripts translated, apply for dentipin, pass the INBDE exam and TOEFL. To learn more about the steps, visit our blog at: Foreign trained dentist and the INBDE exam – Mdiprep

MDI Prep has one goal and that is to make sure you pass your INBDE exam. Contact Us