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All of our MDI Prep students were accepted to Medical School in 2023.

We help you reach your goal of becoming a physician.

National Average of students matriculating into Medical School in 2023

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Percentage of MDI Prep students matriculating into Medical School in 2023

MDI Prep Students
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Understanding the medical school process

There are many steps to applying to medical school. A great place to start is by looking at the AAMC site.

MCAT Preparation

MDI Prep is the leader in helping students pass their MCAT exam. Through a partnership with Next Step, the average MCAT score for MDI Prep students is a 510

Free premed evaluation

Find out what you need to be a successful applicant to medical school. Free evaluation of your transcript, along with other advice.

Shadowing a Physician

MDI Prep has shadowing opportunities with some of our physicians. You will have to be HIPPA certified. Click the link for details.

Meet a few of the MDI Prep Advisors


Dr. Anthony Sutton


Dr. Kevin Smith

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Judianne Kellaway


Dr. Moises Plasencia

Family Practice

Dr. Briauna Lowery


Premed Subscription Plans

Cancel anytime

MCAT Review Packages

Level 2

Are you ready?
  • 12 month premed advisement
  • 6 month MCAT access
  • Testing Strategies
  • Complete personal statement review
  • Medical school application review

Level 3

The Guaranteed Acceptance!
  • Guaranteed Medical School Acceptance
  • Unlimited premed advisement
  • 12 month MCAT Prep
  • Testing strategies
  • *Shadowing opportunities
  • Medical School Application Review
  • Mock Interviews
  • Application Essay editing
  • MCAT summer bootcamp
  • Student must qualify for this program

Frequently asked questions

While the other MCAT courses offer just MCAT Prep, MDI Prep is a complete 1 stop shop to medical school. With over 20 years of experience and helping over 450 students matriculate into medical school, we have the proven formula for success.

The MCAT classes are self paced. The MCAT discussion sessions are live interactive online (Monday -Thursday at 6:00p central).

The major difference between the level 2 and the level 3 package is the time access to the MCAT course, shadowing opportunities, and the guarantee acceptance agreement offered with the level 3 program. 

Yes, you can pay your fee’s in installments with an additional charge. The following agreements are available:

Level 2 – 3 equal monthly installments.

Level 3 – 6 equal monthly installments.

To begin the installment plan, email your full name and email address to: admin@mdiprep.org. An MDI Prep coordinator will send you an agreement and invoice.

Shadowing opportunities are currently in the Houston and surrounding areas. We are increasing shadowing opportunities in areas outside of Texas as well.

MDI Prep has one goal and that is to make sure you get accepted to medical school. Contact Us

Our students say

I didn't think I would be where I am today without the help of Dr. Sutton and MDI Prep They really help you understand the information and stay with you until you get into medical school.
Danny Farley M.D,
Family Practice Physician
I was one of the first students to join the MDI Prep program in 2009. From the very beginning I knew was in the right place. They really do care whether you get into medical school. I always dreamed of becoming an OB/GYN and thanks to MDI Prep and a ton of support, I made it.
Alicia Sanders M.D.
There were times I wanted to give up on going to medical school, but Dr. Sutton won't let you quit. I am really thankful I found this program.
Bertin Denova M.D.
Emergency Medicine Resident
MDI Prep helped me with my MCAT prep and Dr. Sutton was extremely supportive during my application process. I would recommend the program.
B. Odonnel M.D.