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Dr. Sutton

Advisor and Coordinator
Dr Phalavan

Dr. Phalavan

Advisor and Coordinator
Dr Alexis Dewalt

Dr. Dewalt PharmD

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PCAT Preparation

We take the best PCAT resources and bring them all to one place. The MDI Prep PCAT guide, Crack the PCAT, Dr. Phalavan's high yield PCAT review are just a few of the items. With over 2000 practice questions and live interactive classes, our students score above an 80%

Shadow a Pharmacist

Sometimes finding a pharmacist to shadow can be challenging. Our students, complete a pharmacy tech licensing process and then can be paired with one of our pharmacist if available.

Pharmacy School Admission

Passing the PCAT is not the end of road. Getting you into pharmacy school is our goal at MDI Prep. We have a level 3 package that walks you through the process. This includes assisting you with your essay, completing mock interviews and academic mentoring

Pharmacy school requirements

There are several things you need to do to prepare for pharmacy school. This handy tab allow you to get a general idea of the basic requirements for most Pharmacy schools.

Choose the perfect plan

Regardless of your PCAT and Pharmacy school needs, we have a plan for you.

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Level 3


Frequently asked questions

Our student average is 80%. The lowest score among MDI prep test takers is a 69% and the highest score is a 98%

Our classes are offered at two different time periods. These include: Monday & Wednesday at 5:30p central standard time or Saturday and Sunday at 8a central standard time.

Level 2 (INBDE | MDI Prep will help you pass your exam) is a three month class that ends after 3 months. Level 3 is the guarantee pass agreement. With level 3 you will take a final exam at the end of the course. If you do well on the final, we will give you permission to take the actual INBDE exam. If you fail the exam after we have said you are prepared for the exam, we will pay for 1/2 the cost for your exam retake. In addition you will have access to all resources for 3 additional months at no additional cost. Both level 2 and level 3 content material is covered in 3 months. Level 3 also includes TOEFL preparation workshops

Yes we have payment plans available for level 2 and level 3 packages. To get more information on the payment plan, send an email with your full name to: admin@mdiprep.org

If you enroll in the level 3, follow all the guidelines as directed by your MDI Prep advisor and do not receive the score that gets you into Pharmacy school, we will work with for an additional application cycle at no additional cost. Which will include more PCAT prep if needed.

With the current pandemic, we do not offer in person classes, but all of our classes are live and interactive online. We hope to soon return to in-person classes.

MDI Prep has one goal and that is to make sure you get accepted to pharmacy school. Contact Us

Our students say

Dr. Sutton and MDI Prep are one of the reasons I am a Pharmacist today. I scored a 95% on my PCAT thanks to their classes.
Dr. Alexis Dewalt PharmD
MDI Prep Alum
My friend and I both joined the MDI Prep PCAT class together and we both scored above 90%. The class is well structured with great teachers. They really help you get into Pharmacy school.
Dr. Katrina Watson PharmD
MDI Prep Alum
I didn't think I could get into dental school. My grades were not the base early in my college career. Dr. Sutton believed in me and the MDI Prep company helped me do well on my PCAT and helped me get into dental school I can't thank them enough.
Dr. Binh Dang PharmD
MDI Prep Alum
The best PCAT program out there hands down. They actually keep you accountable to studying and doing what you have to do to get into Pharmacy school.
Dr. Simone PharmD
MDI Prep Alum