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How to choose and INBDE Prep Course

Ready to enroll but not sure how to choose an INBDE Prep Course? Keep reading to learn how many students  should decide on the best INBDE Prep course to join.

The INBDE exam began in 2020 and since that time there has not been a lot of material available to help students to pass the exam.  Most individuals are using old NBDE material with the hopes of seeing the old information on the new exam. 

Let me tell you….there are some major differences between the NBDE and the INBDE exam. So, how do you adequately prepare for the INBDE exam with limited current resources to study???  

MDI Prep is the answer!!!! MDI Prep is the only online INBDE prep company that gives live interactive classes.  They also offer a FREE INBDE sample class open to anyone.  So before you go spending your money on a prep course, check out the five (5) reasons you should take advantage of a sample class.


1. Learn the prep course style of teaching

One of the most recurrent questions that students have is will the style of teaching work for them.  The only way to see a INBDE prep company’s style of teaching is for you, is to try a sample class. There are several different styles of teaching. One method is straight lecture, where the instructor orates, and the students listen.

The second approach is the Socratic method, where the instructor asks the students a question and the students figure out the answers on their own.

The final method is the method used by MDI Prep, which is called the interactive method.  Students review assigned material before each class.  During the live interactive sessions, the instructor reviews the content and engages the students with questions based on the material they have reviewed.  The interactive class is followed up with an online quiz of 10-15 questions to make sure the students understand the material. 

2. Understand the online learning technology platform

With so many online learning platforms it’s important to make sure your computer is compatible with the learning tools. MDI Prep has used Adobe Connect in the past and currently has moved to a google platform. This platform is much more user friendly and allows students to be more interactive in their learning.

3. Determine if the material being taught is relevant for you

What you do not want to happen is that you pay for a course and then realize the material being taught is not relevant for you. The benefit of trying a sample INBDE course is that it allows you to see what material is being taught and if it follows the current items tested on the actual exam. The INBDE has not released a lot of material related to the exam, so getting with the right prep company is going to be essential. Passing the INBDE exam on the first attempt will benefit you both financially, and academically. See this article – How to Pass the INBDE exam on the first attempt. – Mdiprep 

4. See how one company compares to other exam prep companies

There are no two students that are just alike, and the same holds true for INBDE prep companies.  It is important to find a company that fits your learning style.  With that in mind, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself –

a. Do you prefer a large class size or a smaller class size (under 20 students).

b. Do you learn material better when given by lecture or when engaged in discussion.

c. Is cost more important than content

d. Is English your second language, if so, you may need a course that moves at a slower pace in order to break down the content in increment so you understand the material better (See article on ESL for INBDE). The three (3) tips to passing the INBDE when English is your second language – Mdiprep These are just a few things you will find out when you take a sample course. 

5. Build trust, customer satisfaction, and loyalty

One of the best ways to see if a course has your best interest in passing the exam is to see what their former students say about them. Read online reviews and talk to others on social media who have attended the course. In addition, become a detective and learn about the instructors.  You want a course that cares about your success and is there throughout your INBDE journey. If you haven’t been successful on the INBDE see the following article. The five things you must do if you fail the INBDE exam. # 3 is important. – Mdiprep 

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