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As a foreign trained dentist, preparing for the INBDE Exam can be challenging without guidance and support. The International Dental Graduate community is faced with challenges and necessity to pass INBDE exam and become licensed dentists in the United States. Fortunately, MDI Prep offers INBDE exam preparation courses online that are taught by expert US dentists, with an over 90% pass rate. This post will take you through why MDI Prep’s INBDE exam preparation course is the best online course for International Dental Graduates (IDGs).

Expert-Level Education

MDI Prep was established because of the importance of INBDE exam preparation for International Dental Graduates. This course was developed by a team of US dentists who have decades of practical experience in the dentistry field. The curriculum for the INBDE exam preparation course is designed to help IDGs optimize performance in every subject area. The INBDE exam preparation course covers all aspects of the exam such as Operative dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthetics, Oral diagnosis and treatment planning, etc. MDI Prep’s expert level education is based on a combination of specialized lecturing and hands-on instruction to best prepare students for the INBDE exam.

Interactive and Live Course

Unlike other online courses, MDI Prep’s INBDE exam preparation course is live and interactive. Students are presented with study materials, are encouraged to ask questions, and participate in discussions during the classes. MDI Prep’s course is a structured path to success, where students get to learn from renowned practitioners and instructors who have your best interests in mind.

Flexible Start Dates

MDI Prep offers a flexible start date plan that works for you. The course is customized to meet your needs, as it considers the time zone difference, availability of the student, and other vital factors unique to the student. Preparing for the INBDE exam is a challenge, but MDI Prep’s course accommodates the students’ schedule by incorporating the preferred start date.

Guaranteed Pass Agreement

MDI Prep has an unprecedented guarantee pass agreement with students who take the level 3 INBDE exam for the first time. Students who take MDI Prep’s INBDE exam preparation course and meet certain requirements such as attending all classes and following the course’s instructions, are guaranteed a passing score on their first attempt at INBDE level 3 exam. The guarantee pass agreement boosts student confidence and gives students the assurance they need to excel.

Complimentary Credential Review

MDI Prep’s INBDE exam preparation course includes a complimentary credential review assessing your qualifications for a dental license in the United States. MDI Prep’s INBDE exam course helps to guide you through the IDP process and boost your confidence.


Passing the INBDE exam as a foreign-trained dentist is essential to practice dentistry in the United States. Preparing for the INBDE exam can be a daunting task, but MDI Prep’s INBDE exam preparation course offers the best guidance and support for International Dental Graduates. The course is live, interactive, with expert-level education and comprehensive coverage of the exam curriculum. MDI Prep provides a guaranteed pass agreement and complimentary credential review which boosts student confidence. At MDI Prep, the goal is to help IDGs pass the INBDE exam and become licensed dentists in the United States. If you are an International Dental Graduate seeking to pass US INBDE exam, consider MDI Prep as your go-to resource!

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