The three (3) tips to passing the INBDE when English is your second language

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Over the past year MDI Prep has worked with over 75 foreign trained dentist and found that one of the obstacles faced by many of the dentist is a proficiency in English. How would it feel to read and understand information on a topic that is in a language you are not 100% comfortable with? Some of our students have expressed a frustration in how long it takes them to translate certain medical terms from their language into English. Others have stated that they feel there was some differences in the way they were taught dentistry compared to many U.S. programs. The message that each foreign dentist agreed upon was that if they had a better understanding of the English language, it would help with their preparation for the INBDE.
So, what is the solution to this problem that has existed for years? Through market research and speaking with various experts, MDI Prep has three answers that can offer some comfort to those preparing for the INBDE exam?

Enrolling in an ESL course  –

The best ESL program will promote the English language without forcing an individual to give up their native language. The best time to enroll in an ESL course is at least 12 months prior to enrolling in an exam prep course such as MDI Prep. There are many websites that promote ESL classes. You can start your search by looking at some of our local ESL courses, many of which offer online classes. (

Join a support group

Many of our foreign trained dentist have found it extremely beneficial to join groups of like-minded individuals. MDI Prep offers a group on WhatsApp for those interested in connecting with other foreign trained dentist. If you would like to connect go to: Another facebook page that can be helpful can be found at: Foreign Trained Dentists

Medical English translation

In January 2021 MDI prep began offering webinars to help foreign trained dentist. To find out when the webinars are offered visit:


While the INBDE is definitely an exam that can be passed on the first attempt, it is important to put yourself in the best possible position. Since over 80% of foreign trained dentist mention the difficulty in translating information into English, it would be beneficial to start working with a company that can assist you in this issue. MDI Prep would love to guide you through the exam process, completing the TOEFL exam, applying to U.S. program and assisting you with the final step, which is getting your U.S. license. We have experts that can answer VISA related questions, transcript inquires and much more. Remember that passing the exam is the first step to getting your U.S. dental license. This is followed by applying to appropriate dental programs, which you can learn more at: ADEA CAAPID. Please tell us what is your native language and if you are currently proficient in English?
Best of luck! Next month, we discuss how to find the right dental program to apply to for foreign trained dentist. Dr. Sutton is the founder of the MDI Prep program located in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of UT Houston Medical School and has been an educator for over 20 years. The director of the MDI Prep INBDE program is Dr. Heston Young, a graduate of Howard Dental School and the UT Houston Dental School GPR program. He currently practices comprehensive dentistry in Cypress Texas and the greater Houston area.  website for more information.

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