The INBDE exam is coming

Since 2010 MDI Prep has been instrumental in helping students pass the NBDE 1 and NBDE 2. Now a new exam, the INBDE will replace the old NBDE exams. This has caused some potential test takers to panic. What does this mean for those preparing for the exam? In this blog we have outlined some of the key components of the new exam, when this exam will be implemented and how to best prepare for the INBDE.

Components of the new INBDE exam

It appears that the JCNDE is setting the new INBDE to filter through the student that relies on memorization for passing exam. The INBDE test takers will have to be a critical thinker with a thorough understanding of the material and how to apply it to clinical cases. Not only will the INBDE focus on items learned in dental school, but it will also utilize items that are pre-dental school, such as physics and chemistry. Below are some of the content areas:
  • Molecular, biochemical, cellular, and systems-level development, structure and function
  • Physics and chemistry to explain normal biology and pathobiology
  • Physics and chemistry to explain the characteristics and use of technologies and materials
  • Principles of genetic, congenital and developmental diseases and conditions and their clinical features to understand patient risk
  • Cellular and molecular bases of immune and non-immune host defense mechanisms
  • General and disease-specific pathology to assess patient risk
  • Biology of microorganisms in physiology and pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Sociology, psychology, ethics and other behavioral sciences
  • Research methodology and analysis, and informatics tools

Potential Problems and road blocks

The new INBDE will not have a large available question bank with previously tested material. Unlike the current NBDE 1 and 2, which has tons of released papers, remembered questions and social media groups, the INBDE will be a new boat on the horizon with little information to offer. The INBDE will still have the 5 maximum attempt rule. Although the INBDE will be shorter in length than the current NBDE 1 and 2 exam, the questions are designed to be more challenging. NBDE Part I administration is scheduled to cease on July 31, 2020, and NBDE Part II administration is expected to cease on July 31, 2022. This means test takers will need to be ready for the exam at least 6 months prior to May 2020.

The good news

MDI Prep is partnering with Dental Schools to help their student overcome the anxiety approaching the exam. The material that will be covered through the MDI Prep INBDE class will help the average test taker perform at an above average level.


1. Take the old NBDE 1 and NBDE prior to May 15 2020. Join the MDI Prep course to successfully pass these exams on the first attempt.

2. Begin the INBDE critical thinking introductory classes beginning in January 2020. Offered online through the MDI Prep Adobe Connect webinars.

3. Visit the following links for more information:

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