The five things you must do if you fail the INBDE exam. # 3 is important.

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Passing the INBDE exam is a milestone moment for dentists who seek to practice in the United States. It is a test that measures a candidate’s ability to integrate basic biomedical, clinical, and behavioral sciences in the practice of dentistry. However, what happens when after the months of study, and numerous sleepless nights spent cramming, you receive an email with the dreaded word, “Fail”? It is easy to dwell on the disappointment, hurt, and fear that comes with failing the INBDE exam. However, in this blog, we will focus on five things you must do to overcome the failure and finally pass the INBDE exam.

1. Release the Failure

The first step you must undertake is releasing the failure. Find a peaceful place away from family and friends; meditate, and release the failure. Failure is temporary, and you must keep your eyes on the goal. Understand that everything takes time and persistence. Take the time to feel disappointment, and then let it go, so you can move on.

2. Inventory of What Went Wrong

After releasing the failure, it is important to conduct an inventory of what went wrong. Take a look at what material you used to study for the exam and analyze it. Start going through the pages of materials to see if any of those items were on your actual exam. Were there any gaps in your knowledge? Did you spend too much time focusing on one area and neglecting another? Answering these questions will help you develop a strategy for improving your score.

3. Seek out an Advisor to Guide You

The third step is seeking out an advisor to guide you through the process. MDI Prep is an excellent resource that specializes in preparing candidates for the INBDE exam. With MDI Prep, you will have access to a team of experienced advisors to guide you through the preparation process and provide you with the resources needed to succeed.

4. Execute the Plan

Once you have your advisor, it’s time to execute your plan. Create a detailed study plan that incorporates your advisor’s recommendations and stick to it. Study regularly, and practice regularly. Set realistic goals, celebrate every progression; you will begin to see your score improve quickly.

5. Show up and Shine

This step comes 3-6 months after you have studied hard, completed all the quizzes, and reviewed the INBDE content. It is now time to take the exam and PASS. This is the moment to show up and shine. Go into the exam confident and ready to excel. Believe in yourself, stay calm, read the questions carefully, and trust your preparation.


Failing the INBDE exam is not the end of the road for a dentist. It is a temporary setback that must be overcome. By releasing the failure, conducting an inventory of what went wrong, seeking out an advisor to guide you, executing the plan, and finally showing up and shining, you will pass the INBDE exam. Remember that failure is part of the learning process, and every failure provides an opportunity for growth. Stay focused and persistent on your goal; you have what it takes to pass the INBDE exam.

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