How to WIN during and after Covid-19. MDI Prep students will keep studying!

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Something else that is interesting that came out of the Covid-19 experience was the resiliency of people. Where economic and personal relationships could have ended their life, they pushed on despite the bleak circumstances. Therefore, this article is meant for all those who may have lost something during this time but refused to sit on the sideline and watch life happen to them. Some have postulated that Covid-19 exposed the vulnerability of our nation and the world. I offer a different perspective and assert that this challenged the strength inherent in every individual.
According to the CDC, the influenza pandemic of 1918 ( 500 million people affected worldwide and roughly 50 million deaths (675,000 in the United States). Yet despite this horrific event the world bounced back, why? Because there were individuals like you who refused to give up, you got in the game. What does get in the game really mean? Simply put, it means live life as if there is a positive tomorrow and your participating will contribute to the greater good.
As the CEO of MDI Prep an educational exam prep company that focuses on helping students pass their exam, we have had the pleasure of tutoring students from every country in the world. One of the most interesting things we observed during the covid-19 experience is that education was still moving forward. The movement however is through a different median known as online. Many international trained dentists preparing for the dental license exams (NBDE and INBDE) could have thrown in the towel when travel bans were imposed, testing centers closed etc. Yet these foreign trained dentists continued to study with the MDI prep team, why? It is my belief that they understand history and realize that trouble will not last always. They know that Proper Performance Produces Positive Possibilities.
It is from the ashes of disaster that the strong rise and position themselves to compete when the dust settles. Whether you are a U.S citizen trying to get back to work or an International doctor aspiring to one day practice in America, you can win, but the question that has to be asked is, “Are you in the game or watching life from the sidelines?”

There are a few tips MDI Prep offered its students during the pandemic and are applicable to most:

1. Develop your call to action: A letter sent to all MDI Prep students encouraged them to think about the day after Covid-19. Not the day before or their current condition, but rather focus on what happens the day after. Many wealthy and talented individuals created opportunities the days after horrific events. The reason most agreed upon is because from these disasters arise NEED and these needs require attention. Therefore, figure out what will be needed and create a personal stockpile of resources to help meet those needs.
2. Find your flower in the ash: Sometimes the hardest thing to do during a crisis is to find the silver lining or the positive take away. Ash is sometimes defined as the remains of something destroyed or ruined. The flower is that glimmer of hope, that positive thought or moment on which to build. Covid-19 may have caused isolation, but maybe the flower is your ability to slow down and create. The Covid-19 caused deaths, but maybe the flower is your ability to recognize how important it is to celebrate life with the ones we love. If you are like many of our MDI Prep students, the Covid-19 caused them frustration because it interrupted their exam schedule, but maybe the flower is the additional time you must study.
3. Practice the law of giving and receiving: In Deepak Chopra’s book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he gives an insightful look at the law of giving and receiving. He points out that giving does not necessarily mean monetary but could simply be well wishes to someone you meet. Giving can be a flower, a handwritten letter or anything that would bring joy to someone else. While giving is important, receiving is equally as important. Consider someone who offers to pay a bill for another individual and that individual will politely say, “Thank you, but you don’t have to do that”. I was a guilty of this on many occasions. One day a friend told me that to always refuse someone’s gesture of giving implies, you do not need their assistance and it is almost rude. Allowing someone to bless you is a gift that you should not block. Dr. Chopra says that the flow of money, blessings, and other good things are like a current that needs to circulate. When you stop the flow of this current, you potentially block your blessings and others around you. The take home message is, “Be willing to give, but also be willing to receive”!
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