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Over the past 15 years the question that has been posed to me and other members of our MDI Prep team is, “How are your students so successful. How do you motivate them?” The answer is quite simple, we are not looking to motivate them, but rather we prefer that they be inspired. Since 2008 Dr. Sutton and MDI Prep has been able to successfully identify students that were inspired. As a result over 90% of these students get accepted to medical, dental, pharmacy and graduates schools.

Does this mean we have some sort of superpower when it comes to identifying talented students? No, but we are able to hear how a student tells us of their dream and the energy that is delivered with it. If you are motivated then the path to your dream may seem like hard work, but you will get there. But when you are inspired, the same dream destination might feel like you didn’t work a day in your life.

You may have noticed the number 1 in the word inspiration in the title of this blog. The reason there is a number one instead of the letter “I” is because inspiration has to be felt only once to achieve a dream, while motivation requires a continuous stimulus.

If you want to pass an exam, score higher in a class, be successful in your chosen field, then pay close attention to what is written next. All that you choose to achieve will work best if you are inspired rather than motivated. What is the difference you may ask? We are motivated to do and we are inspired to be.

There are three ways to become inspired:
  1. Meditation/prayer – it is no secret that meditation and prayer has proven countless times to change lives. Whether you are reading a book by Deepak Chopra, or books like the Power of your Subconscious mind, the message is the same. When you send your mind and body to a quiet place and you are able to remove the noise, you can then begin to hear your destiny.
  2. Observation – Some of the most noteworthy speakers in human history were inspirational speakers more than motivational speakers. Through their stories individuals have been inspired to go after their dreams. It is through the words of the inspirational speakers, do we say to ourselves, “If they can do it, so can I”.
  3. Education – One of life’s most precious gifts is education through experience.

    Often, life guides us in a way that our destiny simply unfolds before our very eyes. It is through this process that we begin to see what we can be before we are. There is a well known biblical scripture that says, “Believe on those things which are not, as though they were”. Our life experiences give us peeks into our own coming attractions. These small movie trailers of our possible future can be enough to inspire us to unmeasurable heights.

If you want to join a program that will help you bring your inspiration to life, then MDI Prep is where you want to be:

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