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6 Benefits of Taking Practice INBDE Test

The question is, “Do practice test really help you on the actual exam”? While the jury may be out on that one, we do know that those who take practice test increase their scores by 73% vs those who do not take a practice test. Studies also show that the more practice test you take, the higher is your scoring potential. If you’re prepping for an exam and are curious about the benefits of practice tests, we at MDI Prep have identified 6 reasons you should take an INBDE practice test”

Increase your Endurance

Standardized tests often take multiple hours to complete. The INBDE is no different and in fact may be more challenging than any test you have taken in the past. The INBDE exam cost $750, for international students an additional $235 for processing fee. It is conducted on 2 consecutive days, total examination time is 12 hours 30mins. Day 1 – 8 hours 15min, with one scheduled break for 30min, comprised of 360 questions. Day 2 – 4 hours 15 min, comprised of 140 questions. The first test or two may leave you exhausted, but the more you practice, the easier you’ll find the idea of testing for hours.

 Learn the Nuances of the test

Tests are designed to sift out what you know and what you don’t. Not all tests are created equal and learning how the INBDE exam is structured can help you tremendously on the actual exam. Strategies for taking the INBDE vary drastically from the previous NBDE exam, which is why it helps to take practice tests. By repeatedly testing yourself, you learn the ins and outs of the INBDE design. The more you know about the INBDE exam, the more comfortable you become.

Identify your Weaknesses

Many times, you may think you have a real grasp on content, to find out later that you really did know the information as well as you though you did. It’s difficult to know what you don’t know. That’s where practice tests come into play. Through practice you can better focus on content areas that give you the most trouble. Confidence is good, but the results of multiple practice tests can confirm that you’re as knowledgeable as you think you are – or that you need to study more.

Reduce Test Anxiety

The INBDE is not just any fly by night exam. There is a lot riding on this exam and passing it is really important. Regardless of your reasons for testing, tension is probably running high. One way to ensure maximum comfort and minimal anxiety is to practice. By far the number one way of overcoming test anxiety, is to feel more confident in your content knowledge regarding the exam. MDI Prep offers tutorials, courses and practice test that can help build your knowledge for the exam. We have experts in many academic areas that can assist you.

Generate good Time Management

One of the chief complaints from students is that they run out of time on the actual INBDE exam. This can be quite disappointing, especially when some of the questions they didn’t’ attempt may have been very simple questions. A sure method to completing the test in the time allotted is by practicing on a regular basis. Whenever you take practice test, be sure to give yourself a reduced amount of time compared to that which you have on the actual exam.

Practice makes Perfect

The more practice test you take, the stronger your score will be. If you are thinking of taking a practice test start with the MDI Prep brief INBDE quiz. Once you have completed the quiz, an MDI Prep facilitator can help you identify strategies to improve your score on the actual INBDE exam.

Regardless of how you prepare for the INBDE exam, a practice test can help you in more ways than you might expect. For more information visit MDI Prep online today and begin your journey to passing the INBDE exam. To learn the other 6 reasons and strategies regarding the INBDE exam, contact us at: MDI Prep free appointments.

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