The TOEFL is an important aspect of a successful application to advanced standing dental programs. The TOEFL tells programs whether an applicant has the English language proficiency to excel in dental school. Since the INBDE board exam is not scored and are only pass/fail, some schools place great emphasis on the TOEFL examination and look for applicants with high scores.

According to the Marquette school of dentistry website applicants are required to submit:

A detailed course-by-course evaluation of their dental school transcripts completed by ECE. This document should be submitted to CAAPID during the application process. If admitted, applicants are required to submit a copy of their evaluation directly from the evaluation agency.

Three (3) letters of recommendation (submitted to CAAPID).

TOEFL test results (optional) (reported on CAAPID application). If an applicant chooses to submit the TOEFL test, he/she is required to score an 80 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL or a 213 or higher on the computer-based TOEFL (TOEFL code: 1448, dept. code: 00).

INBDE results are required. Applicants are required to pass the INBDE test before applying. Applicants will report their score on the CAAPID application. If admitted, applicants are required to request that an official copy of their scores be sent directly to Marquette.

While these are requirements for Marquette, they are true for most dental programs in the United States.

Successful applicants:

Based on the research conducted by the MDI Prep program that is the leader in helping foreign trained dentist obtain their U.S. dental license.  To be competitive, it is advisable to have a TOEFL score of at least 100. Most foreign trained dentist don’t know how to prepare for the TOEFL or the INBDE exam.

The Good News:

MDI Prep has a program that now helps foreign trained dentist with the INBDE and TOEFL preparation at the same time. This helps cut down on the time needed to complete these two exams and puts them in a good position to apply to dental programs early in the cycle. If you want to know more about this INBDE/TOEFL prep program, feel free to visit:

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