Our instructors have over 20 years of combined experience teaching and motivating students to success.

Dr. A. Sutton

Asst. Professor

Dr. Sutton has been teaching with MDI Prep since 2009. He is a graduate of UT Houston Medical School. His teaching areas are Pharmacology, Biochemistry/Physiology, Pathology and Microbiology. He has received numerous teaching awards and is known best for his unique mnemonics for learning. He enjoys spending time with his family, golf, writing and motivational speaking.

Dr. H. Young


Dr. Young is a graduate of Howard Dental School. He completed his GPR residency at UT Houston Dental School. He currently is the director of the INBDE and NBDE 2 programs for MDI Prep. He enjoys spending time with family, cooking and helping students reach their goals. He has received many teaching awards since 2017.

Dr. Bristol G


Dr. Bristol is a graduate of UT Houston Dental School and is currently completing her residency in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. She has helped over 40 MDI Prep students successfully pass their NBDE 2 exam. She is a dynamic instructor with a passion for teaching.

Dr. K. Aparicio


Dr, Aparicio is a graduate of UT Houston Dental School and has taught with MDI Prep since 2019. Her main teaching areas are dental anatomy, oral pathology and histology.