Tutoring Services

MDI Prep is committed to helping students find success in learning. We have helped over 1000 students increase their test scores and gain the important study skills necessary for reaching their goals. Our ground breaking emotional retention method is revolutionizing the learning industry and each student we work with is taught this model.

What We Offer

Subject Tutoring

We offer science based tutorials. It is simple to teach a student how to memorize information, but MDI Prep takes it a step further and we teach each one of students critical thinking for a particular subject.

  • Chemistry
  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Physics
All Science Subjects

Test Prep

We offer target tutorial for different sections of your exam. Our expert instructors can help you understand the area that is giving you the most trouble .

  • SAT/ACT Prep
  • Standardized Testing (picking the right answer)

Guarantee Score Increase

Study Skills

The number one reason students struggle with exams is no utilizing the proper study skills. MDI Prep can help you learn to study in less time and retain more information.

  • Test Anxiety Solutions
  • Basic Study Skills
  • Comprehension and Retention
  • Homework Efficiency

Study less and learn more

Subjects & Grade Levels


Grade Levels

  • 6TH – 8TH GRADE
  • 9TH – 12TH GRADE

MDI Prep believes that the numbers should speak for themselves.

Students helped in MDI Prep program
Our students getting into college
Our students who received doctorate degrees

Professional Tutors

Each one of our instructors has gone through an MDI Prep training to best serve the student. Our instructors are experts in their area and are energetic and most of all they encourage the student to succeed. We believe positive words and motivation are also crucial to success.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Technology has revolutionized the way students learn and their are some advantages to using the MDI Prep online tutors. Each instructor is able to interactive with you in real time through our Adobe program. No complicated downloads, simply click a link and we will take care of the rest. You will need a computer with microphone.

Chemistry was given me so many problems in college and I heard about the MDI Prep tutors from a friend. What’s really cool about them is the mnemonics. These were a game changer for my exams. Angela was an amazing tutor

Dr. Binh Dang

Texas Southern University

My daughter struggled with biology the first reporting period and then my neighbor referred me to Dr. Sutton at MDI Prep. Even though they specialize in helping students go to medical and dental school, their Biology tutorials were great. After 4 meetings with the tutors my daughters grades went from a 74% to a 89%. She is now considering going to medical school. I highly recommend this program

Mother of Biology Student

High School Junior, Dawson

The CARS section on the MCAT was giving me nightmares and I tried everything with no success. Literally two classes with Afsana at MDI Prep helped increased my score from a 122 to a 127. That was a huge increase for me and I am sure that’s what helped me get 7 interviews to medical school. The cool part about their tutors is that they have such positive energy while they are teaching you.

MCAT Student

Texas A&M University

Let’s Learn Together!

Your success starts today and we won’t take failure or “I can’t” as an option. We know you can
accomplish whatever you put your mind to and we will be here to give you that little extra
push and and encouragement.


  • 45 minute tutorial
  • Testing strategy
  • Critical thinking component
  • Content assessment