$869.00 / Year

  1. Monthly Strategic Planning Session:

Our Monthly Strategic Planning Session is a dynamic and forward-thinking service designed to help students chart their course for success. During these sessions, our expert facilitators guide you through the process of setting clear objectives, identifying key academic performance indicators, and developing actionable plans. These strategic sessions serve as a platform for brainstorming, problem-solving, and aligning your efforts with your long-term vision. By leveraging data, academic insights, and innovative thinking, you’ll gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions to drive your premed growth and success.


  1. Access to Networking Events:

Our Access to Pre-health Networking Events service offers aspiring pre-health students a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn within a supportive community. Whether you’re a pre-med student, a recent graduate, or a healthcare enthusiast, you’ll gain access to exclusive gatherings where you can interact with experienced professionals, educators, and like-minded individuals. These events foster mentorship, knowledge-sharing, and the chance to discover various career paths in the healthcare field. Forge valuable connections, stay updated on premed trends, and accelerate your journey toward a successful medical career.


  1. Monthly Test-Taking Techniques:

Our Monthly Test-Taking Techniques service is designed to equip students with the skills and strategies needed to excel in exams and assessments. Each month, participants receive expert guidance on a range of test-taking methodologies, including time management, question analysis, and study habits.


  1. Monthly High Yield Tutorial Sessions:

Our Monthly High Yield Tutorial Sessions are designed to help students focus on the most critical and challenging topics in their academic curriculum. Led by experienced educators, these sessions provide in-depth explanations and practice exercises, ensuring a deep understanding of key subjects. With a strong emphasis on high-impact material, these tutorials are ideal for those aiming to maximize their learning in a short period. Whether you’re a high school student or a college learner, these sessions will help you achieve academic excellence by focusing on the most crucial content.


  1. Academic Monitoring of Classes:

Our Academic Monitoring of Classes service offers a comprehensive approach to tracking and enhancing your educational progress. We provide expert oversight and evaluation of your coursework, ensuring you’re on the right track academically. Our team assesses your performance, attendance, and engagement, offering timely feedback and support to address any academic challenges. With this service, students and learners can stay organized, motivated, and confident in their academic journey, ultimately leading to improved grades and a deeper understanding of the material.








  • Monthly strategic planning session
  • Access to Premed networking events
  • Monthly test taking techniques
  • Monthly high yield tutorial sessions
  • Academic monitoring of classes

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