We help you PASS!

INBDE Licensing Exam

We know there are many ways to study and many course options to help prep for your exam. With 1-on-1 tutoring, your INBDE tutors will customize a plan for you and help you improve exactly where it’s needed – from the comfort of your home. You will be matched up with someone who has been through what you are going through now – someone who will give you confidence that you’ll achieve a top score on your test day.

How it works​


Planning Stage
Call and consult with one of our faculty members to determine the appropriate INBDE study course for you.


Commitment Stage

You will sign agreement and pay all necessary fees to begin program. MDI Prep will sign agreement of services to be provided.


Kinetic Stage

You and your MDI Prep mentor will set up online schedule of classes, provide you with INBDE material and teach appropriate study and testing strategies.


Completion Stage
You will complete final exam with MDI Prep assessment. Revise any topics where there may be deficiencies and register for INBDE exam. Final step will be to contact MDI Prep notifying us of your PASS on the exam.

Meet The Advisory Board

H. Young DDS

Dr. Young is a graduate of Howard Dental School. He completed his GPR residency at UT Houston Dental School. He is a former MDI Prep student and instructor. He currently is in private practice.

P. Cook DDS

Dr. Cook is an Orthodontist and currently completing her final year of fellowship at UT Houston School of Dentistry.

J. Berglund, DDS

Dr. Berglund is an Oral Surgeon completing his final year of fellowship at UT Houston School of Dentistry. 

A. Sutton MD

Dr. Sutton is a graduate of UT Houston Medical school and the founder of the MDI Prep program. 

INBDE 1-on-1

  • 30 hours of Private live online instruction
  • INBDE high yield review notes
  • Access to video review bank
  • Testing strategies
  • MDI Prep Question bank
  • Dental Mastery subscription
  • Convenient course scheduling
  • Guarantee Pass Agreement *
  • Learning assessment