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Optimize Your Chance of Getting Accepted

Mock interviews are a great way to gain skills and confidence before the interview. Your MDI Prep Advisor can work to make your experience as customized as possible, so the more information you share up front, the more beneficial the process is for you!


What We Can Do For You

Your personal mock interivew can be done in-person or online. All interviews will be recorded with feedback at the end. In addition, an evaluation of your interview will be available that outlines how competitive your interview was compared to prior candidates. It will be graded on a scale of 1-10. Finally, you will recieve suggestions on how to improve weaker areas of the interview.


Your advisor will acess your interpersonal skills. Your attitude toward working with others is crucial in the process.

Response to Questions

The MDI Prep advisor will help you to know your goals and be able to express them to the interviewer.


Our advisors will give you tips on how to dress appropriately for the interview

Oral Communication

Your MDI Prep advisor will assist you with speaking clearly and concisely. An accent reduction specialist will be assigned if needed.

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