The MDI Prep Pharmacology is an intense 4 hour live online course that covers the highest yield questions from the INBDE exam. You will learn easy to remember mnemonics and much more. Previous students in the course increased their pharmacology to the 80% percentile. 


The Physiology questions on the INBDE exam are integrated into the various patient boxes. The major focus of physiology centers around cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. MDI Prep will cover all the physiology you need to know for the INBDE exam. 


The Pathology section of the INBDE course will focus on the most likely questions that will appear on your exam. You will learn how to diagnose a condition, how to choose the clues from the question stem and how to easily remember over 100 different conditions with simple mnemonics.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Sutton has been helping dentist and student pass their exams for over 30 years. He unique way of motivating students while giving them easy to remember mnemonics is the reason over 90% of his students pass their exam on the first attempt. His lectures are energetic and informative. You will absolutely love learning from Dr. Sutton.

PPP Course

  • FREE Information session
  • Pharmacology, Physiology and Pathology Review
  • 8 hours live online interactive instruction
  • INBDE Quiz bank for PPP
  • MDI Prep Notes
  • Testing Strategies

Frequently asked questions

Dr. Sutton is the main instructor for the PPP class, but other qualified instructors will be used from time to time.

The PPP classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Approximately 20% of the exam is centered around the three PPP areas. Of the 20% about 15% is dedicated to Pharmacy and the other percentage focusing on Pathology. A smaller percentage is physiology.

The PPP program is a one time payment that covers the entire 8 hour course. 

Yes, we have dentist from all over the world that join our online class. Please keep in mind that you will need to find out the time difference between the U.S. and your country. 

MDI Prep provides, INBDE notes, a quiz bank, testing strategies workshop.

MDI Prep has one goal and that is to make sure you pass your INBDE exam. Contact Us