Course Name:NBDE 2 Level 1

Course Category:NBDE

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Duration of the Course:3 months


The NBDE Level 1 course offered by MDI Prep has a 90% first time pass rate. Our classes are live interactive online classes with a structured schedule. After each topic all students are required to complete a practice exam to test their understanding of the material. We understand that many of our students are only able to meet in the evening, therefore our classes begin at 8p central standard time, two days per week. We provide weekly assignments that are required before class. They key to your success is believing you will PASS the exam. We motivate you throughout the course, but we are tough when it comes to making sure you are following the schedule. If this is the type of program that you are interested in, we encourage you to sign up today....... Dr. Heston Young and Dr. Sutton

30+ hours Recorded lectures

5 hrs of Private Online instruction

High Yield Material

Mosby Book

Quiz bank 1000+ questions

Final exam

Instructor Information

InstructorEmailLocation and hours
Dr. Heston Youngadmin@mdiprep.orgOnline, 7p-9p,
Dr. Sutton  
Dr. Cody  
Dr. Galbraith  
Dr. Becco  

General Information


The NBDE Part II is a comprehensive examination consisting of 500 items. For each discipline, approximately
80% of the items are stand-alone, while approximately 20% are interdisciplinary and case-based. A case consists
of a patient scenario, patient history, and a set of discipline-based items relevant to the scenario. NBDE items
are developed by test construction teams composed of subject-matter experts in accordance with examination
specifications approved by the JCNDE

Expectations and Goals

The goal of the MDI Prep team is to make sure you are equipped with the appropriate content knowledge to be successful on the NBDE 2 exam. We expect that all assignments and quizzes will be completed as outlined in your course schedule. We expect that all of our students will give the maximum effort needed to pass the NBDE 2 exam. We believe in you.

Course Schedule

Week 1PerioMosby Book and MDI Prep notes
Week 2Perio/ProsthMosby Book and MDI Prep notes
Week 3ProsthMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 4Peds 1Mosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 4OrthoMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 5Patient ManagementMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 6Oral PathMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 7RadiologyMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 8EndodonticsMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 9OperativeMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 10Oral SurgeryMosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 11Pharm 1Mosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 12Pharm 2Mosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 13Cases 1Mosby and MDI Prep notes
Week 14Cases 2Mosby and MDI Prep notes

Exam Schedule

DateSubjectContent areas
Exam 1Pre-QuizThis exam will be given prior to the start of the course and will test your knowledge of basic science and clinical sciences.
Exam 2MidtermThis exam will be given after week 6 to test your knowledge of material covered up to that point in the course.
Exam 3Final examThis exam will be completed at the end of the course to test your knowledge of all material covered
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