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September 13, 2021

Duration of the Course:9 months


The INBDE GPS guides you through the path to getting your dental license. Our system offers you a pre-requisite review, pairs you with others who are preparing for the INBDE, and much more.

Our unique system allows you to monitor how competitive you are for dental programs. This takes the guess work out of whether or not you can get into a U.S, dental program.

​Upon completion of the INBDE GPS you will receive a letter of recommendation that can be added to your dental program application from one of our faculty mentors.

Live interactive Online INBDE Prep

Dental Program application assistance

Test anxiety solutions

Essay edits

Mock interviews

Shadowing opportunities (depends on availability)

50+ hours of core teaching

live office hours and strategy sessions (recordings available)

Qbank of over 2,000 questions

Customized Study Plan tool

Guarantee pass agreement

TOEFL training

I had no idea how I would pass the INBDE. Because it was a new exam, finding the right material was tough. I am very thankful to Dr. Sutton, Dr. Young and the rest of the MDI Prep instructors for giving me the material and teaching me what was important for the exam. By the way, the MDI Prep mnemonics really will help you on the exam. I highly recommend them
Ahmed S.
MDI Prep student 2021

Director Information

Dr. Anthony Suttonadmin@mdiprep.org1-888-827-9881

Expectations and Goals

MDI Prep expects you to study like your really want to get your U.S. Dental license and begin your U.S. practice. Our goal is to make sure you get there.

Required Materials

MDI Prep will provide all the materials necessary for you to succeed.

Additional Information and Resources

What to expect?

During the course you will receive information to cover items that may appear on the exam. In addition, MDI Prep will provide assistance with your TOEFL preparation, dental school application, preparing for interviews, accent reduction (speech coach) and much more. 

MDI Prep participants will have access to question banks that will allow them the opportunity to do short quizzes to test their knowledge of fundamental concepts.

General Questions

The MDI Prep INBDE GPS cost $6,500, which includes a complete INBDE package and mentor assistance.

All INBDE GPS programs begin the third week of June, October, January

Over 90% of the students in our program matriculate into a dental program and eventually receive their U.S. Dental license.

Our class size is 20 students.
Fall and Spring classes are held online through Adobe connect. They are live interactive classes and students will need a good computer with wifi and microphone to participate.

The INBDE GPS program can be paid in installments. Call 1-888-827-9881 to learn more.

The best time to start the INBDE GPS program is when you are at least 1 year from your anticipated test date. It is advised to schedule a free consultation with one of our advisors prior to joining. You can set up an appointment by emailing: or calling 1-888-827-9881

We do not have specific gpa, we look at all factors that would make you a good candidate for dental programs.

Our Services

The key to a successful INBDE score is understanding the content and then being able to apply that content to questions. We believe that there is wonderful content provided by the three services we recommend (see above). MDI Prep applies a unique approach to questions that teaches you the critical thinking skills to apply your content to questions.

Our application service assist each student with assembling a competitive Dental program packet. Each application is reviewed by an MDI Prep medical faculty member that is experienced in application process. In addition MDI Prep provides 2 essay edits with application.

We know many individuals may understand content, but struggle when it comes to taken the exam. This may be due to test anxiety. MDI Prep offers test anxiety solutions that have helped over 2,000 individuals pass their exam and reach their goals.

The best place to get advice about the U.S. dental licensing process is from someone who has travelled your path. Each one of our students is assigned a  mentor that will serve as secondary guide.

Call us today 1-888-827-9881

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