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Are you an international dentist interested in achieving a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree? If so, the American Dental Aptitude Test (ADAT) could be beneficial to your candidacy. The ADAT is an optional adjunct exam demonstrating one’s competency in biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, and research interpretation & evidence-based dentistry biostatistics.


The ADAT has a testing window from March through August each year and can be taken at select locations in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Canada. It is composed of 200 questions that bring insight into a dental candidate’s qualification level and must be completed within 4 hours and 20 minutes. There is no negative marking for guessing on the exam or passing or failing score – rather it reports a scaled score between 200 – 800; usually with 500 as the target score depending on the institution requirements. These scores are valid for two years after which retesting will likely be necessary.


For informed applicants aiming to stand out among their peers when applying to a Doctor of Dental Surgery program, taking advantage of this internationally respected examination is an ideal move towards academic success. Its standardized format and quantifiable scoring system provide a reliable method for institutions to gauge the aptitude of all candidates, giving those that take it an added advantage when submitting applications for consideration.

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  • Live online interactive class
  • 2000+ practice questions
  • Guarantee score increase
  • ADAT testing strategies
  • Study material provided

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Frequently asked questions

While the other ADAT courses that are on the market, have good material, we are one of the only courses to offer a live interactive course. Through our live online course, our students are able to interact with their dental instructors as well as their classmates. This method works extremely well for those who need more of a structured curriculum or someone who may be a foreign trained dentist and English is not their first language.

The ADAT classes are offered on Saturday and Sunday 9a-1:30p central standard time.

 both the ADAT and INBDE exams are designed to assess an applicant’s knowledge and ability to excel in dental school. However, there are notable differences between the two exams, such as acceptance, exam structures, cost, exam periods, question types, and passing scores. It’s up to the applicant to decide which exam to take, depending on the school’s preference and requirements. Remember, both exams require dedication and hard work to succeed, so prepare thoroughly and give your best effort. If you need assistance with either exam, MDI Prep can help you develop a successful study plan to help you achieve your goals. Read our ADAT vs INBDE blog under student resource section for specific comparisons.

Yes, you can pay your fee’s in two equal installments. To begin the installment plan, email your full name and email address to: An MDI Prep coordinator will send you an agreement and invoice.

Yes, we have dentist from all over the world that join our online class. Please keep in mind that you will need to find out the time difference between the U.S. and your country. 

You will need to get your transcripts translated, apply for dentipin, pass the INBDE exam and TOEFL or score well on the ADAT (depends on which program you are applying to). To learn more about the steps, visit our blog at: Foreign trained dentist and the INBDE exam – Mdiprep

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